Wonderful wide Hong Kong!Wonderful Hong Kong!HK Convention and Exhibition CentreThe World Most Exciting Gameit is just a GAME!2007 ChildrenThe Real White Angel - 02The Real White Angel - 01Kwun Tong (觀塘)Fire Man in Central - 003Who said Light is only in Straight line?Hong Kong Live!A Symphony of Lights in Hong KongSheung WanThe New Star Ferry Pier - FloorThe New Star Ferry Pier7 Teammate!Wave...Wedding SeasonHong Kong Flower Show 2007 - 06Hong Kong Flower Show 2007 - 05Hong Kong Flower Show 2007 - 04Hong Kong Flower Show 2007 - 03Get Lost...Hong Kong Flower Show 2007 - 01Colorful...Cross the Road...This is our Hong Kong Culture!The end?Alone...Relaxation...Chinese New Year - All the Best!Time is Captured!HKUST
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